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Here are five things suggested by bbw escorts, that women want men to do in bed. But please don’t feel like you need to settle for just one or two of them. You can make sex more enjoyable and intense if you allow yourself to be freer and much more creative with your sexual desires. After all, we’re not looking for a man in bed who is satisfied with just the first half of a romantic encounter. Let these tips to guide your man down the road to deep, passionate and mind-blowing orgasms.

Every woman wants to feel like a goddess when it comes to sex. That’s why you should learn how to find the right rhythm and pressure to drive her wild. The basic idea of finding the right rhythm and pressure is to find something that drives your woman wild without overdoing it, which will prevent from going overboard. Once you get into the right rhythm and are stimulating your woman with every movement, she’ll reach orgasm in no time.

Eye Contact. The second of the five things women want men to do in bed is to make eye contact with her during intercourse. Eye contact is a powerful form of seduction that can really send her into sexual ecstasy. As you look into her eyes, you’re telling her that you notice the pleasure that she’s feeling and that you also enjoy the sensations that she’s having.

Touch. The fourth thing she needs from you is to touch her where it feels right. Women want to be touched where it hurts. This is the ultimate way to turn her on and bring her to an explosive climax. Stroke her clitoris as hard as you can with a dry finger or with the head of your penis. Don’t just touch the tip, as you’ll be too shocked by the sudden and strong sensations.

Foreplay. The fifth and final thing a woman wants from you is to spend an eternity (oh, so long) making her orgasm with your touch. Foreplay encompasses every sensual sensation a woman wants during sex and it’s a great way to end the night.

A woman can have sex for a very long time without ever climaxing. It’s important for you to finish what she started, with her. That’s why she needs to be touched and stimulated as much as possible during foreplay. Men who can’t get their hands on this female urge (and the products that help them achieve this) are destined to stay frustrated in the bedroom for a long time.

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